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In this book, The Resilient Power of Purpose, Larry DiAngi offers you powerful, practical, proven principles that will help you live your life from the “real you”. We attract the greatest things in life when we realize that we were not born to be a slave to circumstances. We were all born with a great purpose to fulfill and flowing in your purpose causes you to becomes a magnet for your highest and best in every area of life.

You will be challenged to explore questions such as:

• How do I live an inspired life that creates continual motivation?
• What is the purpose in my life?
• How can I discover my true identity?
• How do my thoughts about the different areas of my life affect me?
• How can I overcome procrastination and self sabotage?
• How can I make my dream a reality despite the negative influences in my life?
• How can I learn to face my fears and use them as stepping stones to go to my next higher level in every area of life?

As you find the answers to these questions you will also discover the “real you” in the pages of this book. You were born to succeed, you were born to create a tremendous breakthrough to your next higher level. How To Be Purpose Driven will give you usable principles and strategies that will inspire you to pursue your dreams with relentless energy and courage.

YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS BOOK SEPARATELY OR RECEIVE A FREE COPY WHEN YOU PURCHASE LARRY’S SIX CD SERIES “The Resilient Power of Purpose – Own Your Dream”… (This 6 CD series is a 2 day (Fri. – Sat. seminar that Larry DiAngi presented to an audience of over 3000 people, with high energy and electric crowd response through-out. Also, in this CD program… are 6 coaching sessions from the studio, in which Larry goes even more in-depth in a one on one, conversational coaching style.)

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