65879_10151330308919654_1459786019_nI met Larry DiAngi over 10 years ago and since that time he has become a close friend and confidant. A major part of my growth and success as a speaker is as a result of Larry’s principles and influence on me professionally and his message has always been a great source of strength to me personally. Larry DiAngi’s message will captivate you and empower you to overcome fear, doubt and preconceived limitations. You will see clearly that your were born for a great purpose and that you deserve physical, mental, spiritual and financial freedom. You will learn how to attract great abundance and take every area of your life to the next higher level. Larry’s message, as only he can deliver it, will change you life.

World Renowned Speaker and Author of “It’s Not Over Until You Win” and “Live Your Dreams”


Dear Larry,

I recently heard you speak at your seminar in Washington, DC and also bought your tapes and book. From the first few minutes when you began speaking I began to realize that the principles you were sharing were exactly what I needed to move forward in my life. For years I was frustrated about many areas of my life, but since hearing you speak I have been applying these principles and they are giving me excellent results. I heard you say ” as you think, so you will be”. Well, my thoughts have changed dramatically by practicing the steps that you shared at your seminar, on your tapes and in your book… I have been able to get “unstuck” and move forward with great success personally, professionally, spiritually, in relationships, financially, and more. What you teach really works…

– P. C. Washington, DC


Dear Larry,

…Your book and tapes on How To Be Purpose Driven have changed my life. I just had to write you to let you know …I am so excited about my future…Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Thank you for motivating and inspiring me…

– S. B. Bay City, MI


Dear Mr. DiAngi,

I was a professional football player (you call it soccer) when my career came to an abrupt halt six months ago with an ankle injury…Your message on “How To Be Purpose Driven” is very informative in a understandable way that anyone can use to guide them on their journey to success… I have been using the principles you teach every day…as I continue to believe that I’ve been put here to do something special and help others. I know that the income, recognition, and lifestyle will catch up with me…now my goal is to finish my book on professional football and get it published and from there start an assault on public speaking a lot earlier than I had originally planned…I look forward to listening to and reading more of your materials in the future…Best Wishes

– R. N. Liverpool, England


Dear Mr. DiAngi,

I can hardly express in words what your book and tapes have meant to me…Sir, I will never be able to repay what you have given to me in this period of my life…I will be forever indebted to you and so will my wife Deanna and my two boys Jokob and Joshua.

– R. T. E. Hawthorn Woods, IL


Dear Larry,

Your tapes series and book, “How To Be Purpose Driven” really struck a cord with me. What I received from you has given me hope that I too can make it, that the blessings of life aren’t just for “the other guy” which is what I was raised to believe…I wish I could adequately express how full my heart is right now, but I guess a good old-fashioned “thank you” will have to do. Your book and tapes will be on my night stand for a long time to come…

– K. N. Beverly, MA



I heard you speak at the Rhode Island Convention Center…after hearing you speak at the conference, I bought your tapes…I began listening to them every day…mentally I could feel I was getting ready to have a breakthrough…I have been in business for twelve years and have never done 1000 points in one month…and bam, one moment in time you were the right speaker with the right message…listening to your tapes every day has resulted in a new attitude…this month for the first time I have done 1000 points in my business and its only the 14th day of the month…when the pupil is ready the teacher or in your case the motivator appears…Because of you I know I am Absolutely Unstoppable…

– D. M. Beaver, WV


…Thank you Larry for your inspiring words, both your book and tapes have truly blessed my life…my life will never be the same…

– K. B. Gold River, CA


I am writing you to let you know that your message has dramatically changed my life. Larry, By practicing the principles that you speak and write about, I have been able to make changes in my life that for years seemed impossible…for years several barriers in my mind, will and emotions had become giants, preventing me from future success and joy. The principles that you relate have become the weapon that I use to slay those giants…you have changed the vision I have of myself profoundly, Thank you

– S. M. Pickering, Ontario, Canada


Larry, Thank you for sharing your “How To Be Purpose Driven” principles. You have given me a much needed formula that helps me every day to live each day from who I really am on the inside. I feel that every day I am on purpose.

– D. G. Toledo, OH


Hello Larry,
…I was on anti-depressants for about a year and I was told I would probably be on them forever. For weeks now, since reading your book and as I continue to listen to your tapes, I have not needed to take a single pill. Actually, Larry, I have read many, many books over the past 10 years. I was always looking for help. Yours is the first one the actually explained to me why I should practice the things you teach. I never realized I could change my life for the better…I feel I have made great progress in the past few weeks because of your tapes and books…there is much I will accomplish with the rest of my life…Thank you as never before…

– J. D. Valparaiso, IN


Larry, I saw you speak at the Lincoln Center in New York City and found out that you were also doing a seminar that same after noon in another part of the city. After hearing you in your morning talk I knew I had to get to your after noon workshop…and am I glad I did, what you teach is perfect for me. So many people talk and write books that are hard to understand and way over most people’s heads…you have a way of teaching life transforming principles in a way that anyone can understand and use them…Thanks to you and the teaching that I received from you (twice in one day) and also buying your tapes and book…I am now getting what I need to hear and learn and I’m on my way to my next higher level in life.

– M.G. New York, NY


Dear Larry,

…Thank you for your wise words and advice. They have given me courage. I was starting to lose hope about my future, you have helped me to recharge my faith and determination to pursue my dreams…I now know I am meant to have my dream and one way or the other, I will get there!!

– S. S. M East Sussex, United Kingdom